Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another useful website

I recently ran across a website that it pretty useful and thought I would share it. The address is

The dictionary part of this website is student friendly so the definitions are easier for your kiddos to understand.

The thesarus part of the website unfortunately leaves much wanted so I would probably use over this website.

There is also a rhyming option for students to use which would be very useful when it comes to creating rhyming poems. Students have the opportunity to click on rhyming words to see what they mean as well.

The games are simple but good vocabulary practice. These games focus on spelling (Alphabot), word knowledge (Robo-Bee), and synonyms/antonyms (BigBots). Unfortunately, the last game was blocked for my students but not for me. The jumble game has them unscramble simple words for clues to solve a riddle (Jumble Kids).

The Build Your Own Dictionary section is pretty interesting. Students can create words and then enter the usage (noun, verb etc.), the definition and an example sentence. This would be great for students who are studying prefixes, suffixes, and roots as they create their own words to show understanding of the meanings. This would also be a fun activity for those classes using the novel Frindle. You can see a list of previous words created by individuals from all over and you could have the students dissect the created words and look at the user-created definitions to see where they came up with them based on the word!

There is a nice tab dedicated to educators which provides some interesting information. Again, some of the links would go great with the novel Frindle, as they could read about how words get added to the dictionary and so on.

I hope this website proves to be a fun and engaging place for your students to learn even more about words! Enjoy!

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  1. I'm going to add wordcentral down on my "to do" list for things to check out. Thank you for the tip!

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