Friday, March 30, 2012

A fun math activity using Plastic Eggs

I wanted to share a fun activity I have done in my classroom using those plastic Easter eggs.

I set this game up like a relay race of sorts. There were baskets set up with different sets of eggs throughout the legs of the race. All numbers are written in permanent marker on the outside of the egg.

The first leg: These students had to put all of the eggs in numerical order to least to greatest. Another student was the checker and they had to ok their answer before allowing them to tag their partner.

The second leg: These students had to separate the eggs into two categories: Prime and Composite numbers. Again, the checker student must verify a correct answer before they can tag their partner.

The third leg: The checker will call out a number and the student must find two numbers that can be multiplied (or divided, added, subtracted whatever you want) to reach that number. They have to find 3 sets this way before they can tag their partner.

The fourth leg: The checker will give them a number and they must find all the numbers that are factors of that number.

The final leg: Eggs will be placed in a line and students must discover the pattern. If they get it correct the checker will give the okay and they run to the finish line.

Fastest team wins!


  1. What a fun way to review factoring and prime/composite numbers. I'm going to try this when we return from Spring Break (when the plastic eggs are on sale).
    I'm glad I found this blog (again). I "signed up" a while ago and then lost track. I'm glad I located you once again!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Thank you! The kids have a great time! Good idea on waiting for the after-Easter sale. That is definitely the way to go! Thanks for the kind words! :)