Saturday, May 12, 2012

AVID-ly Awesome

Our school is now in their 3rd year of the AVID program. If you haven't heard of this program, it is spreading across the country and is lighting the education program on fire! The long term goal of this program is to get children college-bound and ready. It focuses on organization, note-taking and study skills among others. It is more developed in the junior highs and high schools but for the last three years we have been enjoying it at the elementary level!

In elementary our students focus on:
1. Having a binder that contains all of their classwork and homework divided by the different subjects
2. An assignment notebook that stays in the binder and this is where they write down classwork, homework, and extracurricular activities daily. Parents are expected to sign and be involved in the monitoring of their student's daily activities.
3. They learn how to take 2 and 3-column notes and eventually Cornell notes.
4. They focus on the writing and reading processes and strategies for success

Our students have been working extremely hard in mastering all of these skills and we recently rewarded them!

4th-6th grade is where AVID is implemented at this time and each 4th-6th grade teacher chose 10 students out of their class that showed the AVID skills and shined. These were placed in a grade level box. 4th and 5th drew for a gift card from Target while 6th grade drew for a  Kindle! There was also a $500 scholarship awarded from our local university and more! There were guests speakers and 4th and 5th watched a movie and munched on popcorn to celebrate their hard work this year. There are a lot generous people out there and I would love to thank AVID and the private individuals in our community who donated amazing items to reward our kiddos!

Here are some of kiddos having an AVID-ly awesome time learning this year!

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