Monday, September 19, 2011

Character Analysis At Your Service!

A skill that students are constantly struggling on is making the connections that are required to analyze character motives. I think one cause of this difficulty is that our students have less background experiences to draw off of and with the wave of do-it-for-us technology people in general have gotten a little... shall I say... lazy? (yep, I said it.)

If you have implemented Reading Workshops or a version of them, or if this is your first time running workshops and you want a little more structure then this may come in handy for you!

Using kid-friendly graphics, introduce your students to character analysis. This is meant to be a focus lesson that can be used at the beginning of your class before sending students off into independent reading land to try the skill out in their own personal books.

The power point gives them an explanation of what character analysis is, provides a list of character traits to use during their reading, provides a story that the students can practice some of the strategies on and gives you a chance to show them how you want them to answer. Then two student skill sheets that can be printed front and back. You can have students answer both sides of questions if you have the time allotted, you can have them do one side of the questions and then choose one to do for homework, you could have them answer in groups if they are reading the same book... plus any other combo that works with your class!

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