Friday, September 30, 2011

Free Boxes Rock!

Did you know that you can get a large amount of free boxes delivered to you from the post office? You can get 300-500 boxes free plus free shipping! I ordered and had them delivered to my house a couple of years ago and we made them into family tree boxes. In the floor of the box they drew their family tree and titled it. Then on the four sides they placed the following info: "Grounded in Family Roots" (family traditions), "The Person I am Today" (Their current interests and personality), "The Person I Want to Become" (Goals for the future), "Things that Inspire Me" (Inspiring quotes, people, etc...)

These boxes could be used for a wide variety of dioramas and more!

Go to and click on "Get Free Boxes!" or scroll your mouse over the Ship a Package tab at the top and then click on get free boxes. You choose the size and amount. They are sent in packages of 10 or 25.

If you don't know... now ya know :)

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