Friday, October 7, 2011

5th Grade Booklist

So I'm trying to read one genre at a time to my kiddos this year and so far we have read:

Frindle - Realistic Fiction
Sign of the Beaver - Historical Fiction (starting next week)
Next will be Fablehaven book one: Fantasy Fiction

Other books I've read or plan to read include:
Phantom Tollbooth (you can get a novel study to help your 5th graders through here)
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Summer of the Monkeys
Number the Stars

I'm curious about the book Skellig. Inkheart might make it this year, and I have read the Edge Chronicles myself and think the kids would love it.

My bilingual co-worker has also read Esperanza Rising to her kiddos and together we created a novel study guide for that book as well.

She is currently reading Pedro's Journal to them!

So B. It and Elijah Buxton are great books.

I'm thinking about reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimn and something about 100 Cupboards looks like an imagination starter.

What books are you reading to your grade level this year? Or at least think your grade level would enjoy?


  1. My students and I always do "Blood on the River". A great book about John Smith!

  2. Ooh that sounds like a great one! Thanks Beth!