Friday, August 31, 2012

Get to know you - Math Style!

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 I had the great pleasure of checking out this amazing math back to school activity set! There is some awesome stuff in here! Already I have several of these items I'm planning on using and I don't even teach math! LOL

The following activities can be found in this packet:
* What's my number
* Make a Me Cube
* Numbers About Me Poster Puzzle
* The Long, Long Me
* We are Similar and Different
* How Many Do I Have?
* Name Values
* A Timeline About
* Give Me a Minute
* When's My Birthday?
* Eliminate Number Game

Below are a few photos of the above games!

 These activities are colorful, engaging, and super fun! You will find colorful and exciting borders, fonts and pictures that your students will fall in love with!

Each activity lends to hands on fun while catering to the many different learning styles within your classroom. They will also get great practice in graphic organizers, create manipulatives, and use every day objects to enhance their learning.

Here is what the seller had to say about the product:
"They are all activities about numbers and math concepts related to the student! They are fun math activities ideal for the start of the school year."

This product is boasting a 4.0 out of 4.0 and it is no surprise!

Here are what buyers are saying about this amazing math packet!
"My kids are so excited about these!" ~ akellett32

"These ideas are great! Interactive, engaging and fun! "What's My Number" and "Eliminate a Number" are especially intriguing!" 
~ beachreader

"LOVE this!! Some fun and fabulous activities to build lessons about numeracy and how math is always around us!" ~ DaZo

 This seller is responsive and a master of her craft! There is no wonder why over 500 people are following her store! Are you?

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