Tuesday, August 14, 2012

IPad... yep... I'm addicted

So I recently was able to purchase my first IPad and I have to admit... I'm a little addicted. Well, that is I'm addicted to playing when my 4 and 2 year old allow me to play on it LOL. Have to love our technology generation of toddlers out there!

So, I have begun the fun tasks of accumulating mass apps because there are a ton of really awesome apps out there! I wanted to share some of my favorites and then invite you to share yours. Can never discover too many awesome apps :))

  Art Studio ($4.99)
I love this app for drawing. This is one of the main apps I use to create clip art. It is easy to figure out and has a ton of options that make drawing so fun and engaging!

Paper by 53 (FREE)
Okay, this app is pretty awesome. You do have to purchase in the in-app brushes in order to get some of the effects such as watercolor brush which was worth the entire purchase! You have to try out the watercolor brush!! The writing and drawing is so fluid and beautiful on this app. A must try!

Ambiance ($2.99)
I love this sound machine app! There are tons of different sounds to choose from plus a few premium that you can pay for but there are so many great ones under the free ones you won't feel the need to buy any! These sounds do NOT sound computer-generated. They are so realistic and beautiful. I actually woke up thinking there was an awesome thunderstorm outside and then remembered I had set it to thunderstorm before bed. Check this one out!!

Itranslate Voice HD ($.99)
I'm eager to get with my bilingual coworker buddy to see how accurate this app really is. Would love to use this with my bilingual parents as well as helping in translating some of my TPT products.

Easy Portfolio ($1.99)
I think this will be a very useful app once the school year begins. You can take pictures of work and place them in folders along with notes and audio to create portfolios for your students. I see great potential with this app.

Screen Chomp (Free)/Educreations (Free)

Both of these have the potential of acting like a whiteboard that will record as you write and what you are saying. I haven't decided which app I like better but will be giving both a try this year! Great for creating lessons for absentees, subs, and more!

Nick Jr. Draw and Play ($6.99)
Had to share this app as it is my 4 and 2 year olds FAVORITE app. It is so popular I bought it again for my husband's IPad so they could each play at the same time. This app is a pretty awesome and interactive drawing and creating app for kids. Definitely one to check out if you have little ones at home!!

So, what are your favorite apps? Share them below!!!

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