Sunday, October 28, 2012

Body System Fun!

So, I was thinking back to my first year teaching and remembered a fun activity that I did and wanted to share!

I had drawn each of the body systems and then we copied them onto transparencies ( man that was a long time ago huh? Now I'm dating myself :)

As the kiddos learned about the body systems they received their clear transparency version. We had them use sharpie markers (already a winner when they get to use sharpies) to color the different parts.

Then they would layer the body systems onto one another so they could see how they fit together. Leave a small place on top of the head to staple so they will stay together. Maybe shape it like a hat? lol :)

The kids had a lot of fun and it made for a really cool parent open house showing!

Feel free to free hand the different systems to make a copy but it you are not in the mood you can always download my body systems clip art which has the blackline (which is perfect for letting students color in) and the colored version if you don't feel like tackling markers in class. Click here!

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