Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ghost Riding? Really?

I was just introduced to the new rave that apparently I had been overlooking. Based on the Song Ghost Ride the Whip by Mistah Fab, teenagers all over are leaving their cars in drive and letting them coast down the street as the drivers and passengers dance alongside the vehicle....

Maybe I'm just getting older... but... really?
Aren't teenage drivers scary enough on the road??

If you haven't had the pleasure yet then YouTube has plenty of videos to keep you busy.

There has to be a parallel here...Having a great time but no "driver" behind the wheel can get you in trouble at school? Hmm.... What do you think?

Am I just having a "darn them whippersnappers!" moment or do you agree?

Although if I was 18 again... I have to admit I would probably try it ;)

Here are a few videos for you!

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  1. That is a scary thought. My son just started driving and got his first car. No way would he do something like this. Just driving is scary enough!