Saturday, August 13, 2011

Glogster - Yet another amazing invention since sliced bread

Okay... I ran across a forum where a teacher mentioned Glogster. Glogster? What is that and why haven't I known about this already?? I had to look into it and I must say... so cool!

Now I must be truthful and admit that I haven't created one yet (still working on my prezi presentation which is turning out pretty cool but darn is it a little time-consuming... it will be worth it though! I'll blog it on here once I'm finished) :) But, from the gallery of people-created glogs... o-m-g.

So what is Glogster? Basically, it is an interactive poster. It would be a very interesting and innovative way to have students present book reports and other class assignments. You could create an entire virtual library of awesome looking information. You can have hidden links that go to websites or YouTube videos etc...

Once I get my hands dirty and try it out, I will be sure to let you know what I think. But, with the school year around the corner, I wanted to bring it to your attention if you were looking for one more unique thing to try this year.

They do have an EDU section for teachers. There is a free version of the teacher account but you definitely miss out on some of the awesome features. There is a comparison chart here, if you would like to see what they offer. The paid version is like $99, so maybe try out the free one and if it seems like something you will use then you could always upgrade.

Here are some of the people-created education blogs that really caught my interest with this program.

This author is amazing:jhoertel
This poster shows some of what you can do with glogster click here
Here he has created a poster book report for The Lightning Thief click here

A poster from another teacher about red foxes. click here

Have you tried Glogster?

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