Wednesday, August 24, 2011 blogging fun!

Have you tried out Safe and user friendly, you can post and have your students respond! I have just started using this free blogging service in my classroom and the kids are loving it!

Each week we have time to work on the computers so the students log on first to There they will find two posts: one that is a technology project using programs such as wordle, prezi, glogster, etc... and one that is a post for them to respond to.

For my first weekly post I created a poll using easypoll and had the kiddos answer the question on there for graphing later. Then they came back and had to answer what they plan to change or continue in order to be successful this year.

I had a co-worker write a response on there which she said she needed to be more organized and change how she reacts to change.

I read this response to the kiddos and we talked about how people can react to change, if it is negative or positive and how to give advice.

Each student then got on the computer and responded first with 3 complete sentences about their change or what they were continuing (quick language arts grade) and then provide the teacher advice about either reacting to change or organization.

I then could go in and respond to each of their posts and give them feedback and grades.

It was very interactive and the kids can't wait to see the response from the teacher I had write on there. Some of my lowest students are excited they ask me hourly if she has read and responded to theirs yet.

Once a month, I have a small group of students collaborate and create the weekly question based on a topic I provide them: could be about a novel we are reading, or a skill I want them to work on such as 'making friends', or 'How to stop a bully'.

Just thought I would share a fun technology project you might be interested in :)

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