Friday, September 28, 2012

Bob the Builder would love this Powerpoint!

It is so nice to run across a product that is focused toward the upper grades and teaching something as basic as the sentence. So many times, teachers seem to just assume that students come to them with this basic knowledge and don't provide their students with an opportunity to refresh and grow in their knowledge of sentence structure.

This quality PowerPoint contains four great lessons for teaching the structure of the sentence. The lessons are clear and well put together so that even struggling students will be able to easily understand and learn this basic and so badly needed concept!

The four lessons are:

 This seller has also created a FREEBIE to go along with this product. We all know that students hate to write notes and half the time we lose our teaching time waiting for them to copy all of the information we wish for them to have access to! She has created notes to go along with the PowerPoint so that students spend more time listening and less time copying! Students simply fill in the important parts as the lesson keeps moving!

You can find the freebie here.

Read what buyers are saying about this sentence product!

This is perfect to teach my squirrelly 8th graders about sentence structure. They love that handout that is available to free with this ppt
 This goes right along with what we are doing in 4th grade!
This ppt will incorporate my construction theme AND our 5th grade work with compound and complex sentences. Thank you for your hard work!
 Seems from 4th grade all the way to 8th grade you can't go wrong with this product!

Click here to download this 4 star product!

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